What is a Blog?

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Blogs are a type of ‘content management system (CMS)’, which accommodate for regularly updated website information in the form of written content, images, podcasts, video clips, and more, though a WYSIWYG (What You See IWhat You Get) interface, as and when required.

Blogs can be personal posts or corporate new releases and can either operate as an individual web-application or as part of an existing website. Blogs have proven popular amongst website administrators, with the ability to quickly and easily update information and website content online; whenever required and with little or no technical expertise.

Blogs have provided stiff competition for other website solutions with regular website updates rating highly with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet browser’s scorecards. Fresh and relevant information captures the interest of both search engines and online users alike. Therefore, blog-style websites have often outshone their counterparts in reaching the top of search engine pages with favourable search engine ‘page rankings’.

If you are looking to merely voice your opinion and thoughts or build relationships and brand loyalty, then a blog is definitely worth considering. Their appealing, user-friendly structure and functionality have diversified the way people view the web. Create a blog and get people wanting to visit your website more often!

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