What is Open Source + GNU, General Public License (GPL)?

ZWAANZ | Blog/ News: What is Open Source + GNU, General Public License (GPL)?

Open source solutions also bring further economic benefits to businesses and consumers alike, as many services catering to open source technologies are usually more cost effective than other licensed solutions in the market place. Open source also extends to a huge community of both technical and non-technical personnel, meaning there will always be someone out there that can resolve a problem you may have with regards to your open source technologies.

Open source affords you the benefit of a huge variety of technologies and at a fraction of the cost! You will only really need to pay for the services (skills) to design, develop and maintain the solutions you are looking to implement. Once your required solution has been implemented, you will be pleased to know that there will be no worrying about excessive software licensing fees (often annual licensing fees) in the years to come. For example, if you are dealing with a website solution, you will only need to take into consideration foreseeable costs in the form of supporting services such as domain name registration, website hosting or required maintenance costs that cannot be serviced by you or someone within your business.